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"Your cool are you? So your cool like a fridge?"
— Yu Borom [CTC SERIES VOL.4]

"I angry bird! I angry bird…. now I’m fly"
— Lee Minwoo [CTC SERIES VOL.1]

"Don’t lie to me, don’t lie to me you little princess"
— Yu Barom [CTC SERIES VOL.1]

"When we’re together as UBEAT, he’s like sleeping all the time, in the car, I was like “OH, I guess he hates us”, na, I’m just kidding, but in the car, he’s always sleeping"
— Kevin Woo [SBS PopAsia]

"Human can not be perfect all the time, sometime you make mistakes and you learn it"
— Kim Jaeseop [SBSPopAisa]

"My heart rusts and breaks as I lose my conscience, I hold onto you, who is walking in the thick darkness in my dreams. Stop right there, If you take one more step, I can’t protect you. Once again, green light, red light, I hold onto you, who has left."
— Safety Zone by DMTN

"You make my world go round, flip it upside down, there’s no middle ground, but I can live without. You can draw the line wherever you want."
— Draw The Line [English Version] by Royal Pirates

"Listen, everything happens for a reason, everything happens for a reason, you said this was the first time meeting a different guy that doesn’t even make sense, obviously what you said is gonna be proved wrong, so just turn around. It really hurts me to see you, I want to stop. Everyday I was being tricked, I didn’t know what kind of person you were. Now I know, you don’t know love that’s why now…"
— Without You by 2PM

"Baby come back to my world, come back and be my girl. If you don’t, then just know that I’m going to loathe you forever. Come back before my love for you turns to hate, come back and say you were wrong."
— I Hate You by 2PM

"Nobody, now please don’t try to stop me, I don’t want to be played by that girl anymore, I’m going to slowly clench my fist now. To start my revenge, what will you be able to do if you leave me, I’ll give you pain, as much as the scars I received, I will give one last chance to you, I’ll approach you slowly."
— Y by MBLAQ

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